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We provide funding and resources for members of the community and agencies with immediate needs. 


Partners for Paiute raises funds to support the programs and services provided by the City of Scottsdale to residents in the southern part of our city. 



Everyday at Paiute Neighborhood Center residents come together to create a spirit of community, by providing social, recreational, cultural and educational programs and services. 


Partners for Paiute provides funds in support of the programs and assistance that is offered by the city: parenting classes, emergency food boxes, English as a Second Language classes, emergency diaper bank, and referral for other types of assistance. 


 Our city social workers call upon Partners for Paiute in situations where ready solutions are not available. Often it is relatively small things that there is no “program” that will provide what a client needs.  

                                     Rent assistance                           Household furnishings

                                     Care repairs                                 Wheelchair repair

                                     Medical expenses                       Companion animal veterinary care


Think about it - funding for a one-time expense that can prevent you and your family from experiencing on-going financial instability. Things like funding to purchase eyeglasses for someone who doesn’t have any “extra” money to afford them.   For several families it has been assisting with rent.  When you are injured or are ill and don’t work, you don’t get paid.  You get behind on rent payments and you are on filled with uncertainly about being evicted. 

Because of you and your support of Partners for Paiute people are being helped when they need it most.  

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